Eliot Community Services Department
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The Public Works Department is responsible for the care and management of the Dixon Road Recreation Area, Boat Basin, Frost Tufts Park, and William Murray-Rowe Park. This includes, mowing, garbage/clean-up, maintenance, etc. All park related business should be referred to the Public Works Department Director at (207) 439-9451.
The Board of Selectmen, in order to protect and maximize the use of the Town’s recreational facilities, has adopted policies and procedures for the operation of these facilities. Copies of these policies and procedures are available at the Community Service Department.
Effective April 1, 2012 the Eliot Community Service Department has adopted a “Carry-In, Carry-Out” policy for waste management at the fields and parks in Eliot. Trash & recycling barrels are no longer provided at the Town of Eliot’s Facilities; therefore visitors, spectators, and all who use the Town of Eliot's Recreational Facilities will be asked to carry-out their waste, and dispose of it in a proper manner, or to recycle it when applicable.
Reservations for the private use of the pavilion at the Boat Basin and Frost Tufts Park are the responsibility of the Community Service Department. You may request a reservation via this website or at (207) 451-9334. Fees are collected seven days per week from May 1st to the Sunday of Columbus Weekend. Reservations must be made in advance. Phone reservations are no longer accepted.  
The Community Service Department is responsible for the operations of the Boat Basin Launch. Launch Fees are collected at the Boat Basin from Friday of Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. Collection of fees will occur Monday-Sundays. Fees are collected from 5:00am-5:00pm. Season passes can be purchased at the Community Service Department or through this website. At no time may disabled boats, vehicles, equipment, or any other means block access to the ramp.
Reservations for league or private use of the athletic fields and courts are made at the Community Service Department. Reservations are taken for the current calendar year only. The public will still have free access to the fields and courts if they have not been reserved. Please note that the Department will not rent out the tennis courts or basketball courts to the extent that the public does not have free daily access.
All questions should be directed to the Community Service Department at (207) 451-9334